Company liquidation in the UAE

Maintaining a dormant company in the UAE can be quite costly. Liquidation of a legal entity is one way to avoid costs and other negative consequences for the founder.
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Process and timing
Liquidation of Mainland company
Preparation of decision / protocol for the liquidation of the company.

Appointment of a liquidator.

Preparing and submitting de-registration documents to the Department of Economy and Tourism.

Publication of a notice in two local newspapers.

Preparation of the liquidator’s report.

Payment of debts to creditors. The distribution of the remaining assets to the founders.

Submission of the application for liquidation to the Department of Economy and Tourism.
Result: After the necessary documents have been filed, the company name will be removed from the Commercial Register and the Department will issue a certificate of deregistration.

Time: 3−6 months on average.
A simplified liquidation procedure is provided for single-party companies (SoleProprietorship / Establishment).
Liquidation of the Free Zone Company
Each Free Zone has its own requirements and nuances in the company liquidation process. It is broadly similar to the Mainland company liquidation process, but some steps are different. For example, companies in certain Freezones do not have to make a publication in local newspapers. In addition, it is often possible to go through the liquidation process via an electronic portal, which is a single window of communication with the freezone administration.

Time: it depends on the particular freezone. Generally quicker than a Mainland company liquidation.
How can we help?
We are ready to accompany the whole process of liquidation of your company on a turnkey basis, including:
Prepare all necessary corporate resolutions and documents.

Appointing a liquidator.

Request and help collect all necessary documents and certificates from third parties.

Submit an application to the Department of Economy and Tourism or the Freezone Administration.

Organize the publication of the liquidation notice in newspapers.

Coordinate the whole process and communicate with state authorities.

We will give you the liquidation documents.
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