We are a team of experts who are passionate about what they do. Our strength is effective solutions for non-trivial consulting issues. We love new challenges, taking on complex and atypical cases, and searching for optimal solutions. We get results where others give up. We take matters to victory.
Gennady Kurdyumov
Alexandra Kurdyumova
Senior partner
Senior partner
Gennady has a great managerial experience in organizing and managing project teams: under his leadership Versus. legal has completed more than 400 projects, including international ones, in over 100 countries (Hong Kong, UAE, USA, EU, etc.).
Aleksandra has over 12 years of experience in the field of international consulting, including experience working with Big Four firms. She specializes in the development of comprehensive corporate structures involving the transfer of intellectual property and the need for information and personal data protection. Her experience includes working with regions such as MENA, Hong Kong, the EU, the USA, LatAm, and others.

Aleksandra is recognized as one of the leading experts in the field of intellectual property by the international Best Lawyers rating, as well as in the field of IT law according to Forbes
Alina Davletshina
Head of Digital practice
Alina has over 9 years of experience in consulting for international projects and working in large consulting firms. She specializes in digital projects, including supporting gaming and IT projects, as well as in cryptocurrency regulation. Alina is a certified specialist in personal data protection (CIPP/E).
Sergey Kovalkov
Head of Incorporation practice
Sergey has more than 7 years of legal support for businesses and specialises in corporate, tax and migration aspects of launching businesses in foreign markets. He has helped major international companies establish a presence in jurisdictions such as the UAE, USA, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia and others. He has experience in developing and implementing international holding arrangements and structuring international transactions.
Anton Karpenko
Senior Associate
Anton specialises in advising on the protection of intellectual property, structuring various complex contractual arrangements for the creation, disposition and subsequent distribution of intellectual property for IT companies. He also advises on the regulation and launch of various media services, including personal data protection issues.
Head of the PR and Communications
His main area of activity includes collaborations, partnerships and communications. Alexey’s sphere of interest encompasses establishing strategic partnerships with other market participants, developing image-enhancing events, and maintaining a media presence. He has experience in PR and marketing support for large international and national legal firms, as well as in creating professional communities.