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Versus.UAE will help you register a legal entity in the UAE. You will not have to worry about paperwork and filing, we will do everything for you.
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Registration Process
Selection of registration form: Free Zone, Mainland, Offshore. Legal form of incorporation.

Selection of the appropriate Free Zone or Offshore for the client’s business.

Selection of the right licence for the business needs.

Preparation of the application and collection of necessary documents from the directors and shareholders of the company.

Filing and passing the KYC by the shareholders and directors.

Renting an office or "virtual" office.

Obtaining of permission to conduct certain licensed activities (not required for usual activities: IT/Consulting. However, it is required for real estate agencies, for example).

Submission of additional documents if required (e.g. obtained permit).

Decision-making on company registration, obtaining incorporation documents and a business license.
Standard time: 1 to 2.5 weeks.

Should there be a legal entity among the founders or if the type of activity requires additional authorizations, the deadline may be longer.
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