Obtaining a residence permit and Emirates ID

Versus.legal will help you to obtain a residence permit and legalise your stay in the UAE. You will not have to worry about paperwork and filing, our lawyers will accompany the whole process "turnkey".
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On what basis may a residence permit and Emirates ID be obtained?
Each bank has its own set of documents. As a minimum, the following documents are required:
Establishment of a company (shareholder and director get a residence permit).

Employment in a company from the UAE.

A family member of a person holding a residence permit in the UAE.

Buying real estate from 750 000 AED (about 204 000 USD).

Obtaining a freelancer’s license (freelance visa).
The process for applying for a residence permit and Emirates ID?
Particular aspects of the process depend on the type and basis of the visa to be obtained. Generally, however, the process is as follows:
Issue an entry visa for arrival in the UAE.

Pass medical tests after arrival in the UAE.

Prepare visa application, submit biometric information and submit the application form.

Arrange insurance for the applicant (for some categories of residence permit).

Obtain a residence permit and Emirates ID.
1 to 3 weeks. The time it takes to obtain the documents depends on the type of residence permit and the readiness of the documentation package for the applicant (e.g. whether the diploma has been legalised). Therefore in more complicated cases the time required to issue a residence permit and an Emirates ID may be longer.
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