Opening bank accounts

Our team will help you open corporate and personal accounts with UAE banks. Our lawyers will guide you through the entire process of document collection, preparation and application. Thanks to our reliable contacts in UAE banks, your chances of opening an account are much higher than if you apply on your own.
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Corporate Account
This procedure is more complicated than registering a company, as each bank has its own document requirements, internal review and compliance procedures which are constantly changing.
Documents required
Each bank has its own set of documents. At a minimum, the following documents are required:
You need a face-to-face interview with the bank manager to open an account. We will prepare you and accompany you to this interview on site.

CV of a director, shareholder of a company.

Emirates ID for director / shareholder of the company.

Resident visa for director/shareholder of the company.

Office rental agreement for the company.

Apartment rental agreement for director / shareholder of the company.

Presentation of company, its business plan.

Concluded contracts with the new company, confirming future financial flows, will be an advantage.
Depends on type of company, nationality of shareholders/beneficiaries as well as type of activity (e.g. consultancy — red flag for banks, opening an account may take up to 9 months).

Standard time frame for mainland company: from 3 weeks to 3 months.

Standard term for free zone company: 1 to 4 months.
Personal account
It is easier to open a personal account than a corporate account. However, the timing and speed of opening it depends on the specific bank and its internal procedures. Also the package of documents and the process of going through the KYC procedure are different. We are ready to accompany the whole process of account opening on a turnkey basis.
Required Documents
Each bank has its own set of documents. As a minimum, the following documents are required:

CV of an individual.

Emirates ID of an individual.
Standard — 1 to 4 weeks. The need for a thorough background check can delay the process
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