Obtaining a certificate of tax residency

The certificate will help confirm that you or your company are tax resident in the UAE
submit an application
Process and timing
The tax residency certificate is issued for each country separately. If you plan to provide a certificate in Portugal and Cyprus, you will need to obtain 2 separate certificates.

There are also mandatory eligibility criteria (subject to change):
An applicant who is a natural person must have resided in the UAE for at least 180 days.

An applicant who is a legal entity must have been registered in the UAE for at least one year.
Checking eligibility for a certificate
Collection of documents
For individuals, the following will be required:
  • A certified copy of the rental agreement for the accommodation.
  • Proof of source of income/salary.
  • Bank statement issued by a local bank, covering 6 months within the financial year related to the request.
  • Entry and exit report from the Federal Identity and Nationality Authority or local competent authority.
  • The cost of obtaining the report is approximately 70 USD.
  • Other documents.
Please note that all documents are compulsory. For example, if you do not have a bank account opened more than 6 months ago, you will not be able to obtain a tax residency certificate.
For legal entities, the following will be required:
  • Trade License.
  • A copy of audited financial statements certified by a certified auditors.
  • Bank statement issued by a local bank, covering 6 months within the financial year related to the request.
  • Other documents
Should you or your company be able to obtain a certificate, you must prepare the following documents.
Preparing and submitting an application
Once all documents are collected, we complete the application, attach the documents and submit it to the tax authority.

There is a fee for the application: from 500 to 1750 AED (from 137 to 477 USD)
Term of certificate issuance: 3 business days from the date of application (electronic version), 7 working days (paper version).

Certificate validity period: 1 year from the beginning of the financial year chosen by the applicant
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