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A golden visa is a visa that can be obtained in the UAE. Its key difference from the usual visa is an unlimited period of stay outside the UAE (regular visa shall be terminated if a resident has not visited the Emirates for 6 months).

Purchase of real estate is one of the ways to obtain a resident visa.
Investment and period of validity
UAE law does not contain the concepts of residency or permanent residence; instead, foreigners have the right to reside in the country as a resident through a residence visa. The residency visa is granted for a period of 6 months to 10 years, after which it can be renewed several times.
For the purchase of real estate worth more than AED 750,000 (about 204,000 USD) visa is issued for 3 years. Buyers of real estate of 2,000,000 AED (about 545,000 USD) will be granted a visa for 10 years and will be granted "golden" status.
The procedure for obtaining a visa for the purchase of real estate
Buying a constructed property
You should buy a constructed property for AED 750,000 or more. A mortgage is also possible and you may qualify for a visa if the down payment is at least the same AED750,000 and the down payment is 50% of the total value. The total value of multiple properties is taken into account.
Property registration
Register the property with the Land Department of the Emirate where the property is purchased and obtain a certificate of ownership.
No offence certificate
Issue a No Offence Certificate from the UAE Police.
Medical Check-Up
Get a medical check-up at a certified medical centre in the UAE to confirm you have no serious infectious diseases. Get a blood test for HIV and a chest x-ray for tuberculosis.
Take fingerprints, a biometric photo and submit your original passport at one of the government centres in Dubai.
Resident Visa Application
Apply for residence visa online or offline. You can apply for it at:

Obtaining a visa
Obtain an Emirates ID from the ICA, if necessary arranging a visa for family members.
You need to prepare the following package of documents in order to obtain a residence visa:
  • certificate of title to the property;
  • passport, current visa;
  • 2 photographs ("passport" size on white background);
  • UAE criminal record certificate;
  • bank statements proving income (on request);
  • health insurance policy.
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