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Free zone is a versatile centre and offers a wide range of activities to choose from, including consultancy, e-commerce, trade and industrial activities.
Free Zone features
Free zone is located 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport and Dubai city centre.

The following types of licenses are available in this free zone:
  • Professional license: for companies providing various services.
  • Commercial license: imports, exports, distribution and storage of goods specified in the license.
  • Industrial license: allows importing raw materials, manufacturing, processing, packaging and exporting goods specified in the license.
The following types of companies can be registered in the IFZA Freezone:
  1. FZC — company.
  2. Branch.
Authorized capital
The minimum authorized capital is AED 150,000 (about USD 41,000). There are no requirements for payment of share capital, simply stated in the founding documents.
The following documents are required for company registration:
  • Application for a license.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Digital passport-size photo.
  • Copy of Emirates ID card and copy of UAE resident visa (if available).
Fees and costs
Fee for obtaining a business license (for 1 year).

The cost depends on the number of visas the company is able to issue:
  • 0 visas — $ 3,800.
  • $ 1,000~ for each additional visa.
from $3 800
Rent of a workplace or office per year (optional). For 0−3 visa licenses, no workplace or office rental is required.
Rent of workplace or office for 1 year (extra)
from $1 500
Rent of office for 1 year (additional)
from $5 000
Obtaining of resident visa (per one person) for those who are not in UAE
$1 020~
Obtaining a resident visa (per person) for those in the UAE
$1 500~
Health certificate, health insurance and Emirates ID
2 to 4 weeks depending on shareholders and speed of submitting documents.
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