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The large list of permitted activities offered by DAFZ makes it one of the most attractive free zones for entrepreneurs from various sectors.
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Free zone is located next to Dubai International Airport, giving companies significant advantages in terms of storage and logistics. The free zone can offers warehouses where goods delivered by air can be stored.

Due to its proximity to Dubai International Airport, DAFZ is popular with companies involved in trading activities, in particular import and export operations. However, the free zone itself provides a sufficiently wide range of activities that allows you to register at DAFZ not only as a trading company.

  • VAT exemption. DAFZ is recognised as a designated free zone, which means that the free zone is not a UAE territory for VAT purposes. Therefore import and export of goods through DAFZ will not incur VAT.
  • Proximity to Dubai International Airport.
  • Possibility to rent a warehouse in the Freezone and use logistics services.
DAFZ offers the following types of licenses:
Trading license
Allows for trading activities. An e-commerce license can also be issued: owners are allowed to sell goods online.
Service license
Allows the services specified in the license to be provided.
Industrial license
Allows for light manufacturing activities, packaging and assembly of goods.
General Trading License
Allows the holder to engage in general trading activities without specifying the goods in the license itself, including import, export, re-export, storage and distribution. For goods whose trade requires special permits, such permits will need to be obtained in advance.
Dual license with DED
Allows companies to apply for a DED (Department of Economic Development of Dubai) license to do business in Mainland without registering a separate Mainland company.
Talent Pass license
A freelance license that allows you to carry out activities in the fields of media, technology or education. This license allows you to apply for a freelance visa.
DAFZ offers three types of companies:
  • Freezone Company: 1−50 shareholders. Minimum share capital is 1 dirham.
  • Public limited company (PLC). No limit on the number of shareholders
  • Branch.
What are the share capital requirements?
The minimum authorised capital of DAFZA is 1 UAE dirham. No authorised capital is required to set up a branch.
Documents required for registration:
  • application;
  • copy of the shareholders' passport;
  • bank statement for the last 6 months;
  • business plan;
  • resolution of the general meeting on the establishment of the company (if the founders are legal entities);
  • a power of attorney (if the founders are legal entities).
There are the following fees and costs in the Freezone:
Business license fee
$4 000~
Company registration fee
$1 900~
Obtaining a company immigration card for a visa
Shareholder Visa Fee
$1 650~
Medical Test and Obtaining Business ID
Office Rental (required, one year)
from $4 500
Company registration takes from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the composition of the shareholders and the speed of submitting the documents.
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