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There are more than 45 freezones in the UAE, each with its own regulation and company registration features. That said, our experience is that there are some freezones that are the most popular.
Meydan is a universal freezone which does not impose restrictions on the kind of businesses companies can engage in. E-commerce, consulting, IT, GameDev, marketing, trading and many more are popular activities in Meydan.
No physical presence is required to set up a company.
Paid share capital is not required. A nominal share capital of AED 100,000 is recommended.
The following documents are required for registration:
Documentation of the parent company (certificate of incorporation, certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, board resolution, etc.) if the founders are legal entities;
Copies of shareholders', managers' and directors' passports, scanned visas and Emirates IDs of shareholders, managers and directors.
DMCC is a global trade centre comprising commodities, financial services and commercial activities in a wide variety of specialised sectors. Thus, DMCC specialises in value chains related to commodities such as gold, diamonds, coffee, tea, spices, agriculture, base metals and cryptocurrencies.
An online application for pre-approval is submitted to open a company in this free zone.
The minimum authorised capital of a company in the DMCC Free Zone is AED 50,000 per company. It has to be paid.

The following documents will be required for registration:

passport copy, along with a UAE resident visa and a copy of your Emirates ID (if available)
proof of address in the country of residence (e.g. utility bill receipt),
copies of the company’s founding documents (if the founders include legal entities)
permits from state authorities for certain types of activities
Dubai Internet City (DIC) is the largest technology park and is for companies specialising in software, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, blockchain, virtual reality, network solutions, e-commerce, big data, IT services, telecommunications, etc.
The minimum share capital is AED 10,000 (about USD 2,800). It has to be paid.
Freezone tariffs (fees are subject to change and need to be updated):
The DIFC is a freezone for companies engaged in financial activities. The areas of activity available include banking, brokerage, FinTech and many others.
Activities which are not financial, but are related to financial activities are also allowed in the freezone. These can be companies that offer their products and services to financial companies in order to ensure their efficient operation (e.g. legal services, consulting services) or companies that help to create a favourable environment for leisure and lifestyle (shops, cafes, fitness centres and others).
One of the main features of DIFC is its legal system, which is based on English common law. The DIFC freezone also has its own court for dispute resolution.
To register a private company, the issued share capital must be greater than 0 AED. The authorised share capital of a public company must be at least USD 100,000, 25% of which must be paid up.
Freezone specialises in attracting high-tech companies, promoting cutting-edge industries, innovation, development and research in these areas, and therefore positions itself as a high-tech park, a silicon valley.
The capital requirement is AED 100,000 (about USD 27,000).
To register a company you will need:

Letter of intent
Passport copy/copies
Bank statement/recommendation letter or audited financial statement
Company business plan
Freezone is a one-stop investment centre and offers a wide range of available activities, including consultancy, services, e-commerce, trading and industrial activities.
There are no requirements for payment of share capital.

In order to register a company, you will be required to submit:

Passport copy/copies
Copy of Emirates ID and resident visa (if available)
Freezone tariffs (fees are subject to change and need to be updated):
The DAFZ is a prestigious and versatile freezone that is suitable for a wide variety of businesses. Indeed, companies from such business sectors as shipping, IT, logistics, aviation, food, electronics, engineering, etc. operate here.
The advantage of Freesona is the ease of logistics, due to its close proximity to Dubai Airport.
The minimum share capital of DAFZA is AED 1.

Freezone tariffs (fees are subject to change and need to be updated):
Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) specialises in media and creative industries, so there is a wide range of activities in communications, advertising, media business, educational services and IT technology.
In total, SHAMS offers over 120 activities to choose from, allowing a combination of different activities under one license, making it possible to find an activity suited to many business models.
The share capital is AED 100,000, but there is no need to pay for it.

The following documents will be required for company registration:
Identification documents for shareholders, managers and directors
Registration form
Form indicating the ultimate beneficial owner
business plan

Freezone tariffs (fees are subject to change and need to be updated):
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